For the past 6 months, I have been leading the design for a stealth mode product which I can't share online. Prior to this project, under my leadership, my team has designed two major Salesforce Analytics products.

My role: Creative Director and Manager

Team: 5 product designers, 1 visual designer, 3 user researchers, 1 user experience engineer

Salesforce Mobile Reports

"Salesforce Mobile Reports and Dashboards Provide In-depth Knowledge On The Fly- Tech Crunch Article

Salesforce on the desktop provides dashboards and reports which allow the users to slice and dice information and click through the underlying data. Until the release of Salesforce Mobile Reports and Dashboards, this capability was only available on the desktop. The majority of the design work has been done by the lead designer Eric Nash with later additional work by other designers.

New Design:

Salesforce Report Run

"It's so clean - I love it! How reports are set up now - a whole bunch of stuff there that we don't use. It's more straightforward here - more focus on the data than the functionality. It's less cluttered. Focused on the data, the results.- Salesforce User

According to a survey, 88% of the Salesforce administrators say that they create and run Reports on Salesforce at least once a week. That makes reporting the most used administrative feature on Salesforce. This project's focus was to redesign the report viewing interface which hasn't been changed in the last 14 years. Currently, the new design is available for a limited pilot.

Old Interface:

Updated Design: